Here is our mission:

In his life, Eddie strived to help others. As an all volunteer group we have continued on with that legacy. All funds we raise through our golf outings, reverse raffles, and fundraising activities are used to help children and adults in need. Some of the needs we have funded are an after school program for at risk youths, a therapy pool for a MS victim, wheelchairs for invalids, schoolbags for youths, a wheelchair access bathroom for a handicapped person, help with medical bills for a heart transplant youth, medical bills and other bills for cancer patients, food and lodging for families in transition, and various other medical and crisis needs as requested.


The Kobunski family is extremely grateful to the Eddie Johnson Memorial Foundation for its donation of funds toward the purchase of a wheelchair accessible van for our son Kyle. Kyle has Mitochondrial disease and as result is unable to walk or talk, and he is severally mentally delayed. Kyle is 17 years old and weighs about 80 lbs. The prior van that we owned was not wheelchair accessible; therefore, we had to constantly lift Kyle out of his wheelchair and into his car seat and visa versa for any trips we needed to take him on. As a result of Kyle getting bigger and harder to handle, it was becoming a health and safety issue for him as well as my wife and I to getting him in and out of the van.

With the new wheelchair accessible van, our quality of life has increased greatly. Our health and safety has been improved for any time we need to transport Kyle to a doctor visit, therapy, or a family event. In addition, it has made transporting Kyle a much more enjoyable experience. My wife and I find it difficult to put into words what a difference this has made in our lives, and how appreciative we are to the Eddie Johnson Memorial Foundation for helping make this happen! Sincerely,

John and Diane Kobunski

I found out about the Eddie Johnson Foundation through a family that has been involved in the foundation themselves. It has truly been a dream come true for us. My daughter has cerebral palsy and is completely wheelchair dependent as well as all of her self care needs. She attends a very intense conductive education program that is teaching her to be as independent as possible. We have been blessed with the support of the Eddie Johnson Foundation for a couple of years and without them we would not be able to pursue our dreams of having Sarah reach the goals that every parent wants for their children.

It is so comforting to have this wonderful foundation believe in your child and want to see your child succeed and reach their highest potential as much as we do. Every time she hits a milestone or reaches a goal that we once thought unreachable the foundation feels as much joy and pride as if it were their own children.

Having a child with special needs is a struggle in itself, everyday is challenge. It is such a blessing to have the Eddie Johnson Foundation take the financial burden of the conductive education program off of us so that we can focus on what is the most important and that is to see the joy in Sarah's face every time she takes a step, or turns on her radio to listen to her favorite music or answers the phone. My favorite words from Sarah are "I did it!".

Thank you to everyone who works so hard in keeping the Eddie Johnson Foundation going and making our dreams a reality.

We can never thank you enough!

The Lepo Family

My son Tommy was born 3 months premature due to pregnancy complications and as a result he has cerebral palsy. Tommy's cerebral palsy was keeping him from sitting up, crawling, and walking, he was in desperate need of intense therapy since traditional therapy was not helping him. The Eddie Johnson Memorial Foundation made it possible for us to get Tommy the therapy he needs. Tommy is now able to sit up for 20 minutes, he is learning how to crawl, and he is making tremendous progress on learning how to walk. Before this therapy Tommy couldn't even hold himself up and support his own weight, but now he is not only supporting his own weight he is taking steps and learning how to walk with a walker.

Thank you EJMF!!!

Eddie Johnson Memorial Foundation